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    Welcome to SportsCare Center in Huntington Beach, CA

    Home of Dr. Thomas Duddey, fully licensed chiropractor and physiotherapist

    Our goal here at SportsCare Center is to get you back to peak physical health, whether you’re suffering from pain due to an accident, bad posture from sitting at a desk or a mild to severe sports injury. Our highly qualified team will identify and design a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs in order to treat your injuries and get you back out there doing what you love most.

    We welcome walk-in patients but recommend that you contact us so we can make sure you don’t have to wait too long. Call our office at (714) 377-0078 to schedule your appointment today.

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    What our patients say

    • I have dealt with a agitation in my left hip for several years. Some days I would feel a little tight, other days all I wanted to do was take a yoga class and stretch that part of my hip all day, it was a constant nuisance. When I did the AIDS walk a year ago in LA I began to feel agitation in my hip 1 mile into the 6 mile walk and it got progressively worse as the walk went on. I stretched several times but that was only temporary relief. I started seeing Dr. Duddey twice a week for a month to get adjustments and knowledge about how to care for the thorn in my side, he was very informative and helpful. After 2 months of seeing him I did the AIDS walk again and I did not have the agitation in my hip even close to what it was the year before. Thanks Dr. this has made things so much more enjoyable and fun.

      Luke D., Long Beach, CA

    • Seriously great... Dr. Duddey is the man! Him and his team have brought be back up to speed after several injuries (seems Im accident prone). They dont push you to sign any crazy contracts and the price is Right!

      Jessie Q., Corona del Mar, CA

    • ...I don't know how Dr. Duddey provides such excellent chiropractic care at such an affordable price! ..he is straight up and honest, affordable, and even taught me stretches for my back so i wouldn't have to see him that much! you won't see fancy machinery or be forced to watch an infomercial on a video like others will have.

      Rob B, Huntington Beach, CA